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 How to Create a Virtual Drive with no program

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PostSubject: How to Create a Virtual Drive with no program   Tue Feb 16, 2010 7:32 pm

A pretty cool feature of Windows is the capability to create a virtual disk drive. A virtual disk drive is a special folder of an actual physical drive that actually serves as a drive in its own right. You can, for example, create a virtual CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive in Windows. A key advantage of a virtual drive is that it usually saves time. A virtual CD drive, for example, can be read much faster than a physical CD because it exists on the hard drive. The fastest and simplest way to create a virtual drive is to use one of the several free and commercial applications available online. But where's the fun in that? Read on to learn how to manually create a virtual drive in Windows XP.
step one

Click your Start button and then click Run. In the text field, you will type in "cmd" The command prompt will appear.
Step 2

Type in subst x: "C:\windows"
=> Replace the "x" with the drive letter for the virtual drive you want to create. This can be any letter so long as it is not assigned to any other drive on your PC.
=> C:\windows represents the particular directory in which you want to create your virtual drive. You may choose to create it in any directory or file on your PC.
Step 3

Once you enter your info into the command prompt, your virtual drive will have been created. You can go to My Computer and view your new drive. However, if you shut down your PC now, it will be automatically deleted. Here's how to make it permanent: Open your notepad by clicking
Start => Programs => Accesssories => Notepad.
Next, type subst x: "C:\Windows" into your notepad. Now save the Notepad document as c:\autoexec.bat.
Step 4

Click on Start and then Run. Next type in re-edit. Click on OK. This brings up the Registry Editor
In the left-hand side pane, click on:
My Computor => HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => Software => Microsoft => Windows => CurrentVersion =>Run.

step 5

Next, right click on the right-hand side pane. Click New. Select String Value. Now type in "Autoexec" and then click Enter.
Right click Autoexec and then click Modify.
Type c:\autoexec.bat.

step 6

Close your Registry Editor and restart your PC. And you're done!


When you choose a letter to name your new virtual drive, it is advisable not to use any of the common drive letters: A, C, E, F, or Q, which typically represent a physical drive.
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How to Create a Virtual Drive with no program
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